Hair growth boosting Revalid with Redensyl made in Switzerland
The Revalid regrowth serum contains the innovative active ingredient Redensyl, while being completely free of parabens, silicones and sulfates. Redensyl is composed of two patented molecules derived from larch tree and green tea leaves, as well as known hair follicle supporting substances. It targets stem cells and increases the metabolism of keratin-producing cells. Hair follicles are nourished, which boosts the initiation of new hair growth cycles. Zinc and an amino acid provide vital nourishment to produce stronger hair shafts and reinvigorate hair growth.

Up to 28.000 new hairs after 3 months of daily use
The Revalid regrowth serum’s concentrated Redensyl (3%), combined with essential oils from the Swiss alpine Artemisia plant results in an excellent hair-growth reactivation and improves hair root health while nourishing and moisturizing dry scalp and hair. Clinical trial showed an increase in hair density by 8%, corresponding to up to 28.000 new hairs after 3 months of daily use. After only 84 days, the majority of volunteers (over 70%) was satisfied with Redensyl and would purchase respective products.

«This product innovation stands for the highest level of state-of-the art hair care and hair loss treatment and represents Swiss excellence in terms of quality and sophistication» says Edina Kulcsár, Vice Miss World 2014 and International Brand Ambassador of Revalid Swiss Hair Care.

Revalid was developed in 1992 in Switzerland specifically for holistic hair care and to treat hair loss. The high-quality Swiss Hair Care System consists of a course of medicinal capsules for oral ingestion and a range of hair cosmetics for external application. All products are dermatologically tested and produced in Switzerland.

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